FOSC watercolor

Our organization is dedicated to improving one of Bourbon County’s most valuable natural resources, the Stoner Creek watershed. It was formed in September 2007, largely in response to serious ongoing problems with duckweed and other nuisance aquatic plants, "Friends of Stoner Creek",(FOSC) has grown rapidly to include a broad coalition of local citizens interested in improved recreation, tourism, economic, wildlife preservation, and public health and safety aspects-in addition to drinking water quality-associated with Stoner Creek.

The group was officially incorporated in December 2007. They have official 501 c3 endorsement that qualifies this organization with non-profit status. Efforts are underway to obtain a federal grant (funded by the Clean Water Act) for the study of the water quality of Stoner Creek above the dam in the Bourbon County corridor. This entails the monitoring of the eight tributaries that flow into Stoner above the dam within the boundaries of Bourbon County.

The group is working closely with similar organizations such as The Nature Conservancy directed by Jetson Clark interested in the environment of our community.

The FOSC sees Stoner Creek as a valuable resources as well as a recreational amenity to the citizens of Paris and Bourbon County ; accordingly its members are dedicated to preserving and improving the waterway and its tributaries.

Friends of Stoner Creek has the strong backing of the State's Division of Water. The organization strives to create strong partnerships with the Paris City Council and the Bourbon County Fiscal Court and any governmental agencies and private sectors organizations who share a commitment to the advancement of the Stoner Creek watershed.